Dear you,

Hello there! My name is Christina Smet. I am a writer who longs for every word that is typed, hand-written, spoken out, or sung of her to be used to activate change throughout the world; or at least my corner of it. My desire for you is to read the words the Lord graces me to write and to be more than just inspired. The vision the Lord has given me for every song, spoken word, and message is that it would launch you into leaps and bounds of living, breathing faith in Him.

More than anything, I desire for this website, for this road the Lord is leading me down, to be a safe place for the soft-spoken poets, the logical computer analysts, the wild-hearted entertainers, and the fierce leaders to join together in one heart and one mind and do what each of us is created to do: glorify God. 

So let's just say that we're packing up for a beautiful road trip together and I'm looking forward to all of the laughs, tears, and inside jokes.